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Lerdal Hotel

A moment in the hand, forever in the land...?

Help us recycle! Use the bin in the bathroom for general waste and the bin in the room with the recycling logo for paper, cardboard, glass, metal or plastic waste. Our staff will do the rest!

Reuse the towels

Every day, millions of liters of water and detergents are used to wash towels that have only been used once.You make the difference: A towel on a hook or stand means"I'll use it again". A towel on the floor means"Please replace".

Sustainability at Lerdal Hotel

Water – our most important resource

Do not leave the water tap open when you are not using it. It is completely safe to drink tap water in Norway and in our hotel. Feel free to use the glass in the room or fill your own bottle.

When you are in our restaurant, visit the buffet many times. It's better than taking a lot at once.

Welcome back! One more time! And again!

Save electricity

When you leave the room, don't forget to turn off the light.

Sustainability at Lerdal Hotel
Lerdal Hotel

We care about the environment

Lærdal Hotel wishes to contribute to a more sustainable world and therefore take responsibility for our impact. We are working to establish an environmental management system that governs our climate and environmental work and helps us to continuously improve.

Our guests can help us reach our environmental goals, so we have some suggestions how!

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